Wind Beneath Their Wings…

by Michael Schultz on October 27, 2015

Interesting, a story came out about the NHL’s Winnipeg Jets who consider consider their lovable local hecklers ‘the wind beneath their wings’. Jet’s fans have been coined ‘roaring, sly and supportive’. Sounds more like a curling game but apparently Jet’s fans understand and appreciate the ‘lost art of heckling’.

The ‘lost art’? Heckling has gravitated to  a more mean-spirited fan-athlete dialogue in most sport palaces as Eric Duhatschek writes in The Globe and Mail ( October 16, 2015) – “Winnipeg fans’ fervour set to take off again” (eh?). What has been missing ,according to the journalist, is the sly humour of days gone by – a more acceptable and palatable form of heckling.

Here are a few ways the Winnipeg fans taunt the opposition with cunning wit:

* When Ovechkin arrives with the Capitals, the fans chant: “Crosby’s better.”

* Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf is called “Captain Romaine” – a reference to his premature baldness…to which Getzlaf remarked ” Like, I don’t know that I’m bald?”

Perhaps the fans in Winnipeg have to root a little louder because they have the smallest arena ( only 15,294 seats) and they need to stay warm in “Winterpeg”.

Perhaps the best testament to the fans in Winnipeg is the remark by a player who claims that they’d rather play in a building where the people care what’s going on. For players it has to make life more exciting and push them to greater heights.

Here’s a look from the players’ perspective that gives you an idea of how the fans ‘ruffle the feathers’ of the other team:


Post Election

by Michael Schultz on October 20, 2015

Well the Canadian election is over – much hoopla, press and talk about who should lead this great country. The chips fell where they probably should have….Justin Trudeau is our new PM with a Liberal majority.

Through it all there was much passionate oratory and even some bitter squabbles. Politics is serious business for the most part – but I was pleased to hear that the Rhinoceros Party is still out there. Conrad Luawski ran for the Rhinos in Ottawa Centre and didn’t really register at the polls yesterday – but the platform is full of delightful humour – remember that the Rhinos election promise is to not keep their promises.

1. Divert the polluted waters of the Ottawa River and fill the empty channels with beer.

2. Move the capital to Kapuskasing.

3. Replace 6/49 cash prizes with Senate appointments.

4. Count the Thousand Islands to make sure the Americans don’t steal some.

So it’s all in good fun – usually we laugh at the gaffs of ‘normal’ party hopefuls.

In his recent article “Ready or not, these leaders just aren’t funny” ( THE GLOBE AND MAIL, October 17, 2015), Roy MacGregor tells us a few very funny heckling stories from the past….

Apparently John A. MacDonald, having had a few, threw up on stage at a debate….the opponent asked the audience – “Do you want a drunk running your country?”….to which John A. retorted that it had nothing to do with the drink….but he threw up since he was “forced to listen to the rantings of my honourable opponent.”

Former NDP leader Tommy Douglas, who was short in stature, once had a heckler shout, “Hey Tommy, why don’t you stand on a soapbox?” His reply was “because everything I say goes over your head.” Brilliant.

If nothing else the Rhinos do help us lighten up and pay attention to the real issues of the day.



Hitler on Alberta

by Michael Schultz on September 30, 2015

Of course there is the classic Hitler spoof on politics….here’s his take on Rachel Notley coming to office in Alberta recently.



A Little Different

by Michael Schultz on September 30, 2015

Maybe it is a little different when someone outside a political party makes a protest……way to go Blue Rodeo! ….”Stealing All My Dreams”, classic line – “Have you forgot you work for me?”


Cheap Shots

by Michael Schultz on September 30, 2015

I contend that political attack ads are a form of heckling and in and of themselves allow parties to protest the others. However, they are wrong.

When he led the NDP in Canada, Jack Layton coached his MPs to not disrupt and heckle in the House of Commons. Two months ago Thomas Mulcair said he wouldn’t resort to attack ads. My how things change – desperate times – desperate measures. Here’s one just out:

But really – they are all doing it – chipping away at the other guy relentlessly.

Heckling from the Wilderness – The New Heckler?

by Michael Schultz on September 28, 2015

I must admit when I saw this headline in the paper I thought the animals were starting to talk. Instead it was about all the angry keyboard critics. Comedian Patton Oswalt is talking about the ‘unsatisfied type of person who upon stories published online spews venom in the comments section.’Much of it is vindictive not thoughtful. Gilbert Gottfried suggests it is ‘basically ringing someone’s door bell and running away’. We used to call this ‘nicky nicky nine doors’……not sure why.

The other trend comedians have noticed is an abundance of ‘knee-jerk political correctness’. This has led to an ‘apology epidemic’.

As the article says, ‘The sad, angry online voice is the new heckler – a lonely, frustrated type seeking a stage.’

The Wizard of Canada

by Michael Schultz on September 2, 2015

Freedom of Expression vs. Political Neutrality

by Michael Schultz on September 2, 2015

Freedom of expression vs. political neutrality = political correctness.

So it would appear that Environment Canada scientist/singer Tony Turner

has been suspended from his job for his performance of the song “Harperman”.

I covered this episode in Canadian politics/culture last month. The song calls for PM Harper “to go”.

Now he’s been gagged and apparently has violated the “non-political nature of public service…” What’s at issue is whether Mr. Turner has the right to express himself as a private citizen through a ‘folk (protest) song’. Mr. Turner is set for retirement but that might just be  a blessing.

Even Raffi is singing “I want my country back”. Elizabeth May is suggesting we return to door-to-door postal delivery. Is any politician really listening to the pleas of Canadians to make our country great – again?

The video does reveal a sizeable number of left-wing boomers who obviously like the song’s message too.

With the election a month and a half away – watch for further measures that will constrict personal freedom of expression here in Canada.

Who is this guy? ….a big ’0′…..

by Michael Schultz on August 25, 2015

Here’s the dude who swore at reporters this week and protected Duffy and

Harper in the ongoing bozo-like saga of $90,000 gone wrong.

This footage is brutal – the guy really ‘loses it’ – he vehemently supports

his conservative cronies. We would never have seen behaviour from conser-

natives like this in the days before the Alliance and Reform Party – this guy

is a true blue right of right rightist. It shows you how easy it is to snap and lose

it….another reason I am skeptical that the conservative party represents me as

a Canadian.

F – - K Harper

by Michael Schultz on August 20, 2015

A fellow named Rob Wells from Edmonton was pulled over in Leduc for bearing a bold pink sign on the inside back window of his car that says “F – - K Harper”.

He’s fed up with the PM and wants to voice his displeasure. In a recent CBC interview he chats about the incident:

Mr. Wells was pulled over by police in Alberta and fined $543.00 for distracting drivers with his ‘profane’ sign. Wells tells the interviewer that he is upset with Harper’s tactics and wants to speak out. He’s also concerned that he is being charged for profanity.

He’ll fight the fine and vows to keep the sign in his car to protest and make his ‘voice’ heard. Wells says lots of drivers gave him a thumbs up and a few showed displeasure with a flip of the bird.

It is a little unusual and maybe something you’d see from a younger person….so “nut bar”? – maybe…..sure he has 3 pens in his shirt pocket. Perhaps this is another case of impending ‘police state’ in the lean to the right of fear and fright.

Good for Mr. Wells in attracting attention. Canadians are too complacent and tolerant of their leaders and the political system. It may not be the best way to voice displeasure but it certainly has attracted attention……and it’s all over the media. Of course there’s always election day when Canadians can really say “F – -K Harper.”